mandag den 5. oktober 2009

Once Upon a Time…

. There was a Princess. She was this kind of girl nobody really knew. Even her parents did not know the inside of her.. To some people, she was kind and sweet. She helped where she could and gave the love she pretended to have. And they considered her as a very lovely person. To others, she was a cruel and self-centred witch, with no thoughts to anything but her own being.
The Emperor and Empress were unaware of what to do. They did not know how to help the Princess in life. And the Empress was certain that she would have no chances on her own. The Emperor may have ruled the empire, but the Empress of cause, ruled the marriage. And her word, was his law. So he would do nothing to stand up for the Princess, when she had her fights with the Empress. Even her closest friends did not know what was underneath the surface. But one day the Princess had enough and left the castle. The Empress denied her to go at first, because the Princess would never be able to take care of herself. She did not know how to care for her mother.. To leave her like that.. To go her own way.. There was no chance she ever would make it on her own. This was not tolerable to the Empress. But for once, the Emperor made her let the Princess go.
One year later, the Empress began to realise, that her little girl was no longer in her home. She was no longer an actual part of their family. So the Empress finally began to let go of her daughter. She had two more daughters who could become better Princesses. The Princess began to realise, that to leave the family, just made it torture for her sisters to live in the Castle. So she tried to talk with her mother, to make her see what she was doing. But the Empress refused to listen to the Princess. Cause the Princess was no longer in the castle. She was not a part of the family. She could not judge anything when she was never there. But how could she be there. . She could not enter the castle, without having the Empress throwing her right back out. The Emperor was just sitting on this throne, watching, and letting things happen. The Princess suggested the Empress to talk about it, so they could become okay with each other and remain a family. But as an Empress, she could not be the one to need help. No. The problem was the Princess. She was not right. She was not normal. She was the one to need help. But the Empress did not believe any help existed. So to leave the Princess on her own and refuse her the title as a Princess was the best ting she could do.

And so our tale ends. . What further happened to the Princess, you may ask her, if you run into her in the streets. Maybe you won’t know her at first. You have to be looking for a girl who is matching regular people. With a job, friends, and maybe a shopping bag or two. She will be falling into the crowd, living in her own little world. With her own empire and with herself as the ruler. Black heart or not. But to know her truly, nobody ever will.