mandag den 8. november 2010


To have a place to be and somewhere to place your things.. To have things you like because you like these things.. And to live with people you love because you cannot stop loving them, does not create a home. It does not create an existance. It doesn't help you through the little things in life.. What happens when you forget to be you? Does your surroundings help you? What happens when you lose your ability to think? What happens when the people you love, is not that lovable and the things you like aren't that likeable to you? What happens when the place you are is not the place you wanna be? Can you just escape? What if the only escape you have, is no longer available? Will you then just stay where you are, in the place you don't wanna be, with the things you don't like and people you don't love? Well.. Sometimes I'm just confused.