lørdag den 20. februar 2010

Dearest. . .

Do you know the feeling of losing someone? Not a human who is slipping away from you.. Not a person who died.. But a creature who knows how to be your friend.. your family, even though it is not even your species?

But how does it feel to be the one to make the decision? How does it feel to be the one to chose that "today is the day, Now is the Moment"? How is it like to decide that now it's time?
It's terrible.. It's terrible to be the one to chose the death of a creature who has been a part of your life.. a part of your family, the half of your existens..

Even though it is the right choise, It will always be a terrible experience.. It will be a memory who is worse than a nightmare.. Someone like me, will always remember her head leaning to the left.. Will always remember the comfort and safety she was searching for by my side.. Will always remember the turbulent breathing as the violet lequid runs through her veins to her heart.. Will always remember the feeling when I realise that this is the last moment ever.. The very last time.. Will always remember her last breath.. A sad feeling of emptyness and a great loss..
She will be remembered.. They say that a dog is the man's best friend.. But it is so much more than that.. It's an animal who become part of your life and are taking a place in your family as if it was born there.. It gives a feeling of comfort and a feeling of safety when you're alone..
And I will with pleasure do it all once again, when time comes.

She is loved, and will be missed... As the missing member, of our family!


We Love You, Lady † Feb. 17th 2010 †