søndag den 12. juli 2009

It has begun.
I can feel my mind go crazy by time. I try to ignore the facts around me. I try to allow myself to believe I'm normal. But it's not working. I feel myself go mad as the time passes, like the rest of the people around me. I'm getting lost. I know there must be a way out. But I cannot find it. I'm trapped. Caught in my own web, as they say. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I feel insane. My mind will soon explode. And I will lose controle.
I work. I really do work to make this better. I really am trying to resist the madness in my heart. but it's not working. I'm losing. I'm dying. Or at least my soul is. I cannot escape this pain. This torture. This insanity that rules my mind.
It's interesting to see how far I will get, before I break.

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