søndag den 20. februar 2011


He is small and sweet.. He loves you as long as you take care of him.. He wants your attention.. He askes for you to care.. He make his best effort to give you his own affection.. He tries his very best to let you know he loves you too.. He gives you his own signs of approval.. He makes your heart melt just by looking at you.. He has his own personality, and he lives for making you happy..

He is not mine.. Never has been.. He belongs to someone who doesn't show him much care, so I have been his mom for quite some time.. I see him and takes care of him every day.. He is a child left in my custody.. I love him, as I love my own.. But now I am to make the decision.. Once again I am the one to be master of the fate of a creature who does not even belong to me.. I am to decide wether he lives or not.. I hate this position.. I hate to say good bye, and to be the one to say; Now is the end!..
But compared to everything I have been given by these creatures, I wouldn't miss a thing! I wouldn't be without the pain, cause the pain reminds me, of why I go through it all.. All the life and happiness they give, all the pleasure and love they bring into your life.. Love them back and it will never be in vain..

I love my animals.. And I would never live a life without them.. I love Charlie, and I hope he will live for many years to come.. He is sick and are not having many chances left. Tomorrow will be my last visit at the Vet.. I just hope for the best.. as Always!

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