torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Bye Charlie

What if it wasn't his time yet ?
What if I made false accusations and condemned him by doing so?
What if I was wrong and he was perfectly healthy? For now at least...
I had his fate in my hands, and I failed. I didn't protect him well enough. I wasn't sufficient.. I left him behind and I wasn't there to prevent anyone else to take controle. I allowed someone else to decide his fate by not being where I was supposed to be. I went to have fun, and left him defenseless.
I know it had to be. And I know there was no way out.. Only I was stupid enough to postpone the inevitable.. But I cannot help myself. I cannot make myself believe I was not responsible. Cause I was responsible. I knew it had to happen, but I didn't want it to. And then it did. And now I am here.. Blaming myself for not being there. For not being the one to make the decision. For not being there for him.
Done is done.. With good intentions but a sad outcome..
This was it..
I am sorry I didn't try harder. .

♥ Charlie †June 30th 2011†

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