mandag den 11. juli 2011

What does it mean?

I had a dream..
About a mermaid, an experiment gone wrong, and a dear friend..
I wonder what it means..

A mermaid was trapped in a tiny fish tank, for all to see, and she was being kept alive by a team of scientists. She needed care 24 hours a day, and was in a very bad shape. On her back she had something like a tattoo. It was a text.. A story.. A tale about her and her people. It was the secrets of the world below the surface of the sea. On the back of each shoulder she had a wing. Very small wings which were not created for flying. This was very interesting for the scientists. But there were only one scientist who cared for her. Who wished her well. And in that scientists absence, the other scientists forgot to keep a constant eye on the mermaid..
The mermaid dies..

An old stable is filled with horses. In the corner there is a speciel horse. It is grey and it has wings.. Huge beautiful white wings with a glow of a very pale red. But it is bound. And its stable was so small that the horse was not able to move an inch. The poor creature was locked and trapped in a cage which was crueller than a prison. It could not escape. It was caught in the corner. And tortured by the loss of its freedom.

A funeral. I feel sad but I don't pour a tear. I leave the funeral. I find myself in a room of concrete. It is small and cold. But I feel welcome there. I am supposed to be there. In the middle of the room, is a person hanging down from the ceiling. Not dead, but only barely alive. On wrists and ankles there is a chain of barbed wire. And that chain is connected with a yellow box. I turn the knob in the middle on the box and push down the button on top. The person hanging from the ceiling wrings his entire body in pain. Pain caused by the power which is sent through the wires. And I now know that the person in chains was the same person being buried..

I wonder what it all means.

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