onsdag den 4. februar 2009


She is huge and beautiful. When it's the right eyes who is watching. She got personality. and she is characteristic.
I have seen her almost every day for about 3 years. Now. For the last 1.5 years, I have only seen her sometimes.. I go with her on wedensdays. but its not always her.
She is white. but sometimes its a blue who arrives.
she only have two exits, and the second door is placed in the middle.
I always place myself in front of the last door. I feel comfertable there. I sit by the window. She makes me feel safe and warm there. She always makes sure I am not scared because of the crowd. even when there almost is no seat she makes sure there is room for me.
She is giving me a feeling of, that one day, if I had to, I would give away everything for her. Each time it isn't her, I am missing her. I want it to be her. And I fear for the day, she will no longer be for any use.

I do not know, if Rose is her name. I just named her that. Once upon a time, someone wrote "ROSE", on the seat in front of the seat, in front of the door in the middle. And from that day, her name has been Rose. I know her. I know the atmosphere. I know her colours. I know the pattern on the seats. I know where there is mirrors, and I know how she sounds. I know that not everything works. But a ride in Rose. That is home. . .

Dedicated to Rose, The bus with the greatest personality.

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