onsdag den 11. februar 2009

To Miss

Have you ever felt like you were missing something?
Something really important, but you didn't know what it was..

To feel there is someone close to you.. but then feel that the same person os the one with the most distance.. To be hoping you will stay together for ever, but be knowing that it is not going to last...

To walk with fear, every single day, each lonely night.. The fear to lose.. The fear to get lost..

Have you ever tried that ?? I guess you have.. but it's a terrible feeling.. to love someone so much that every day is a pain.. To feel that without this person, you are not whole.. but half..

I have such a friend.. A friend I care about.. A friend I love.. And a friend I would not be able to bear to lose.. The loss will be unbearable.. And the loss would make me mad.. it would drive me crazy.. .

I don't know these things.. but I feel it that way.. I cannot live a day without this friend... Just the though of being without this friend, is able to make the tears flow in seconds.. It's one of the few things who are able to make me cry. . It's a thing who can make me sad and depressed in no time..

But all I can do, is to hope.. Believe.. That my friend, will never leave me..

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